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Imagine what it would be like to wake up whenever you want – no alarm clocks. To travel whenever you want – because your business is on your phone. To earn whatever you want. And, to give back to the causes you’re passionate about — in a way you never have before.

It’s my mission to empower as many women as I can to achieve this Freedom Warrior lifestyle – to live and give on your own terms.

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My Escape

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Amy Polacko

Are you trading time for money? I know I was. I went to college, got an Ivy League Master’s Degree, and pursued a career in journalism. It was fabulous for a while but I had no control over my schedule and there was a ceiling on how much I could earn. It was the same in the corporate world – until I found a way to earn a corporate salary on my own terms. Now, I can work from the beach. Honestly, the best part of all is helping other women do the same thing.

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Plan Your Escape!

Become a Freedom Warrior!

Are you working 9-5 or longer to make someone else wealthy with no end in sight? Or looking for a new beginning? Now is the time to go after your dreams. I built my Plan B alongside a full time job and you can too. It can even be a “side hustle” but a lot of people find once their income grows, they have choices they never had before. Including leaving their regular 9-5. That’s another example of the freedom you will have.


Checkout my YouTube Channel!

Check out Amy Polacko’s Youtube channel to gain exclusive access to her daily life and how she’s managed to become a Freedom Warrior who works from the beach and makes a six figure income…


“I now have my cake and eat it too! Amy has helped me build a six-figure income with no boss, no alarm clocks and no limit on what I can earn. I love it!”
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Nada Youwakim
Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne
“If you want to create a side hustle or a Plan B, there’s no better person than Amy to guide you."
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Aliza Rosen
Owner AYR Media Los Angeles
“I’ve watched Amy transform women’s lives for almost ten years now. She leads from the heart and coaches others to reach their potential and live life on their own terms – just like she does.”
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Aldis Loreno
Executive National Vice President with Arbonne
“As a prominent leader of our Ridgefield, CT BIG pod for years, Amy empowered hundreds of women to become the best versions of themselves. She exemplifies the genuine qualities of an amazing leader, paving paths for women to experience confidence, financial freedom and true fulfillment in their lives.”
Tara Gilvar sitting in a chair
Tara Gilvar
Founder of Believe Inspire Grow, a national empowerment organization
“Amy has helped me build my business and continues to show me how to effectively run it. Her expertise and coaching has led to a steady income that has changed my family’s life. She is an inspiration!”
Amy Corso
Owner of FORZA gym and mother of four
“As a millennial, I don’t want to get stuck working a 9 to 5, in an office, with no control over my life. Amy has taught me that I can have it all – freedom, money, travel, giving back – by building my own business. I am loving my dream life now!”
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Brianna Curcio


For all inquiries email me at
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I look forward to welcoming you to our Freedom Warrior tribe.

Contact me to find out how to unlock your freedom.

– Amy Polacko

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